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Angus Bespoke Ceremonies

A Truly Personal Service

Marble Surface

Vow Renewals

Why renew your vows? Well, there are many reasons; to celebrate reaching a significant milestone or anniversary, a fresh start having navigated difficult times, to bring adopted children into the family, or simply to have the day you weren’t able to have, for whatever reason, the first time around.

Exchanging vows, whether the same ones or new, is a chance to reflect on your relationship, proclaim your gratitude for everything you have achieved, and to recommit to each other. If the family has changed size since the original ceremony, it’s a chance to include everyone.

A vow renewal can be as private or as public and busy as you like. But regardless of size, I can help you create a bespoke ceremony built around the reasons for your celebration and in a style suited to you.

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