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Ceremonies have been around as long as man, and while religious practices and beliefs may have changed over time, the human desire for ritual and ceremony is as strong today as it was at the beginning of humanity.

Whether private or attended by many, ceremonies encourage us to set aside time to be as quiet or loud as we feel comfortable to mark a special occasion.

Ceremony is all around us whether we actually call it ceremony or not. When we mark any of life’s milestones, or rites of passage, we tend to employ ceremony in some form or another, bringing those things we hold dear into our everyday lives.

The difference between a ceremony conducted by an Independent Celebrant and one in a wholly religious setting is the focus on the participants and their witnesses, rather than a divine power.

In a celebrant led ceremony the celebrant, together with the participants, will choose the format, style and setting for a genuinely unique celebration.

In working with me you will receive a truly bespoke service that will live long in your mind and the minds of those you choose to witness it.

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